Company Policy

Aiming to contribute to society through our mission – Packaging Technology.Aiming to contribute to society through our mission – Packaging Technology.

Tokiwa has manufactured and engaged the sales of Automatic Wrapping Machine in a series of Pillow and shrink wrapping machines and accessories.
Our clients appreciate our corporate's stance and technology to fulfill their requirement.
Not only develop the machine meets to customer's current needs, but also Tokiwa zero in the target at higher level of "Quality, Cost performance and required lead time" so that our customers supply safety product to consumer who get the products in peace through our proposed package, and pursue social contribution as our corporate stance.

代表取締役社長 Hiroshi Yanagawa

Definite unique quality wrapping machine.

Throughout test and exam of the consisting parts to pursue quality throught integrated manufacturing system enable to adhere to strict Japan made quality standard adopting least oversea outsourcing parts and equipments.
With this manufacturing system, Tokiwa can supply high quality and accuracy wrapping machines.

Seek out ultimate customer's satisfaction.

Since establishment, Tokiwa has sought out ultimate customer's satisfaction by solving the significant issue or even fiddling complain of customer, manufacturing machines with this inherited corporate culture.
"Once our client ask for Tokiwa, almost all kinds of problems can be solved", according to their voice.
This is the one of the reasons why our account trusts and appreciates, then it leads to the reliability of Tokiwa.

Generation of one step ahead customer satisfaction.

Even if the enquiry from the field where Tokiwa have not engaged or no experienced product case, we are able to redouble satisfaction more than business partner's expectation, because as a wrapping machine invention maker, we amassed experience from long time and from wide range of corporations.
Our assets from them can be converted our own value and add to our proposal for the customers.
After delivery of machine, Tokiwa promises that we put ourselves in customer's shoes and just in case customer urgent call or email by sudden trouble, we are responding as soon as possible.
This support status lead high reputation of Tokiwa in overseas customers, also.
Tokiwa Kogyo Co., Ltd. 60周年記念祝賀会Tokiwa Kogyo Co., Ltd. 60周年記念祝賀会