Made in Japan quality

Quality over Quantity : Our Craftsmanship
Tokiwa does not seek for mass-production.
Because the mass-production system may to cookie cutter design product,  which deliver to our customers, standing on only manufacture's end view,
The really good product for the customer that realizing client's ideal product as possible as we can.
Though, what the ideal products is ? Perhaps, any one can imagine what the ideal product is at both Tokiwa and customer end. Let us consider together and to realize customer's profile is our works.
It is our policy that not chasing volume, rather put importance on solid article of our manufacture uniqueness in order to embody ideal concept.
Workmanship – inherited from generation to generation at atelier.
Skilled technique of engineers and know-how are succeeding to next generation in Tokiwa
At the same time, succeeding passion and philosophy of art craft is also inherited.
The both effect to our workmanship and feedback to product.
Times have changed, if market demands are turning,
the fact remains that our engineers manipulate unique product.
The unique and elaborate wrapping machines are running now, at day and night ,globally.
High liability and endurance comes from home made parts consisting more than 80% of our machine
More than 80% of parts used in our machine is made in Japan..
High reliability and heavy duty structure design policy result in high cost performance since few trouble leads lower maintenance fee, not going to easy cost reduction sacrificing performance.
And also all assembling work is carried out in our factory. Just in case machine trouble happened after delivery, assembling engineer diagnosis product condition and immediately study countermeasure: how to comply. It is the Tokiwa service quality.
Long and close association with customer begins just after machine bring in.
Tokiwa guide you of suitable maintenance method and machine introduction guidance in order to keep running the machine in good condition.