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Website Conditions
This website is run by Tokiwa Kogyo Co., Ltd. (herein after Tokiwa) or its agent. All visitors who use this website are considered to agreed all conditions. Also, all conditions are subject to be changed without notification.
All contents (texts, drawings, images, and photos) on this website has Tokiwa copyright, and you may copy any contents which are allowed for non commercial purpose. This website does not permit any right belong to copyright, patent, trademark right, and other right based on intellectual property rights. However, if each contents show its condition or link to the condition, consider that condition as priority.
Text and Contents
Tokiwa does not guarantee all texts and contents on this website. Tokiwa takes no responsibility for any mistake of texts or contents. Also, all contents on this website are subject to be change without any prior notice.
Export Control
If exporting provided technology, program, or purchased products from this website, follow Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law, and other related laws.
Publication Date and Contents
All infomation on this website is the information at publish date. It may change after publishment.
Copyright of Other companies
Adobe and Adobe logo are trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated. Other listed company name and product name are each company trade name or registered trademark. If each trademark is shown at each contents or link to each contents, these information are considered as priority.
You may create link to this website for purpose of commercial, non-commercial, internet, or intranet after Tokiwa permission.
Contact about website usage condition
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Private Policy

Use of Information

Tokiwa will provide excellent services and products to contribute to social for customer’s satisfaction. For this purpose, based on our management policy. Tokiwa shall build good relationship with not only the customers / client, but also all concerned parties such as supplier, employee and stakeholder. Tokiwa acknowledging importance of personal information will make efforts to protect personal information In accordance with the following policy.

  • Tokiwa will put responsible person for accurate security control and protection of personal information on each division.
  • Tokiwa will acquire personal information within the scope of the purpose of utilization that Tokiwa notified on our site or publicity announcement.
  • Tokiwa will utilize personal information within the scope necessary for utilization.
  • Tokiwa will not provide persona data to a third party without obtaining the prior consent of principal except in case of providing it to a third party to laws or regulations.
  • Tokiwa will appropriately comply with requirement from individual in case contacting us directly to confirm personal information content.
  • Tokiwa will take reasonable measures for information security against unauthorized access in order to prevent The loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal data.
  • Tokiwa will appropriately establish and maintain internal system for control and protection of personal Information in accordance with alternation of Internet environmental conditions with respecting related laws.

You may contact us regarding our Privacy Policy query through this web site contact.